Rental Coaster Buses

Rental Coaster Buses (minibus) are an efficient minibus which is a cost effective bus type ideal for short trips and small to medium sized groups of up to 21 passengers. Trusted by corporate groups, school boards, government agencies, and other groups that require safe, reliable, and affordable transportation. Coaster bus rentals are an excellent option for multi-destination trips.

Rental Coaster Buses are also shuttle buses. Both for VIP companies arriving from the airport. Or wedding guests who will be transported between the ceremony and reception. Or for large-scale employee transportation services. The minibus is larger than the Sprinter but still much smaller than the larger bus, making it a great candidate for handling rapid transit. and drop off in crowded urban environments.

Minibuses may not have undercarriage storage or on-board restrooms like their larger bus cousins. But its simplicity lies in its strength. The minibus’ lack of unnecessary amenities contributes to lowering overhead costs. Especially when you need to rent multiple vehicles. As with all bus rentals from eitamar. The rental of a minibus also includes a professional chauffeur. Your carefully vetted driver will have a thorough knowledge of the areas you intend to travel through and will handle all aspects of your transportation.

There are also minibuses if you want something smaller and faster.



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