Company Profile

Emaar Company Ltd. is one of the results and ways of developing the Al-Manar Convoy Company for Hajj, which was established in 1989 AD, and since transportation and its services are one of the pillars of several sectors, the Company Ltd. was established in 2015 AD and based on the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in consolidating the concept of public transport, the company’s management has built a building A clear vision for the dawning of Emaar Co. Ltd., both domestic and international, and the provision of assets of competitive buses with high safety selection criteria to provide comfort and luxury together , From this point of view, the company has provided its fleet with buses with additional services from the Internet, charging for mobile phones, computers and other distinguished services, which makes Emaar Company Ltd. one of the companies capable of providing VIP service to its customers and hopes to expand its customer network and services throughout the Kingdom and abroad, based on a scientific and sustainable development vision.

Our vision, message and experiences

our vision

To be a leading company.. distinguished by its services and assets.. proud of its vision.. concerned with its customers and their satisfaction.. it fosters its values ​​and is based on development.

Our message

Providing a competitive and renewable service in accordance with the highest standards of safety, good selection of buses, and requirements to preserve the environment, in line with the aspirations of customers.

Our experiences

We derive our experiences since 1989, when the dawn of the Al-Manar Convoy Company for Hajj arose, and the transportation service was a cornerstone of the company's success. Thus, Emaar Company Ltd. was established to meet customer satisfaction while providing a distinguished service.

Our commitment

There is only one way to succeed, which is sincerity to work, commitment to contracts, and a good selection of high-quality buses, so we are committed to providing distinguished service and ambition that overcomes all difficulties and provides the appropriate to satisfy customers.

bus fleet

The latest world-class buses with additional services that are operated with great care to serve the interests of customers around the clock in a manner befitting the position of our company and the value of customers.

Our goals

✔ Use the available resources and the best way to reduce the cost and maximize the results for both parties

✔ Adoption of quality and trust is the cornerstone to complete each contract

✔ Providing the best services to the sectors we serve and gaining their satisfaction and trust

✔ Contribute to the development of the skills of employees by training and development and selecting the best, safest and quality buses

sectors and contracts

Eitmar Company Ltd. has contracted with several sectors and provided them with our distinguished service, including:

our clients


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